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Mooring & Lifting Marine Equipments

Wire ropes

Maritime Group company supply lifting and Mooring products and its accessories uses in : Tower cranes - winch wire ropes- mobile cranes Truck cranes - portal cranes- floating cranes- gantry cranes- floating cranes for docks Offshore cranes - oil rigs - floating cranes with clamshell bucket- cranes with clamshell bucket Container unloading cranes-port cranes (unloading)-overhead cranes-steelwork cranes.

Maritime Group offer a wide range of steel wire ropes and its accessories for many application use as Hoist wire ropes for grab cranes - Cable for general use - Winch wire rope - Elevator wire rope- Lifting/ Boom cable - Non rotating cable .
Rotation resistant wire ropes - Non rotating lifting rope.

Wire rope Accessories

Wire rope Accessories as Wire rope clamps- Slings - Nicopress clamps- Thimbles - Reinforced thimbles- Sockets- Wedge socket- Nemag pear sockets- Terminals - Swaged terminals - Choker hooks - The mwl - Lubricator - Stainless steel wire ropes & its accessories

Shackles - Turnbuckles & Lifting Eyes

Heavy duty shackle - High grade shackle - Wide body shackles - Green pin shackles- Bow shackles with safety bolt - D shackle - Bow shackle - Boss mooring links - Heavy duty turnbuckles - Closed body rigging screws - Turnbuckle - Lever type load binder (all the load binders can be used with grade 80 chains )- Hoist rings - Swivel hoist ring in grade 80 steel - Weld-on swivel hoist ring - Alloy steel eye nuts - Alloy steel eye bolts hoist eyes carbine hooks, Quick links, Missing links - Carabine hooks .

Pulleys , Sheaves & Swivels

Ball bearing swivel - Swivel hook on ball bearing - Wire rope sheaves - Blocks - Cargo block - Snatch block - Crane block with fixed hook - Crane blocks with swinging hook- Standard block for wire rope and fibre rope .

Ropes and Mooring Lines

We offer rope and mooring lines as Fibre rope slings- Polypropylene slings, Polyamide slings, Spliced loops Natural fibre rope Manila - synthetic ropes- Polypropylene - Hscp mooring lines - Nylon and polyester rope - Polymix - Super winch line - Steelite - Steelitextra - Safety nets and cargo nets - Pilot ladders .

Chains & Accessories

Steel lifting chain - barrow chain - Lashing chain- Anchor chains - Latch hook - Safety hook - Swivel safety hook- Ball bearing swivel safety hook - Swivel latch hook - Choker hook - Pear - Shaped ring type - Welding link - Pear link - Master link - Connecting link - Chain coupler - Eye hook with latch - Eye hook with safety latch - Eye slip hook - Safety latch hook - Connecting link for webbing slings - Repair kit for safety hook - Shaft - Pipe hook-crosby hooks– Galvanized chain–Lashing chain–.

Lifting & Lashing straps

Lifting straps – Roundsling type brs–Reinforcement roundsling type Dprs endless sling type c1–Lifting straps with steel fittings–Protective sleeves–Lashing straps–Webbing slings .

Clamps & Spreader bars- Manual blocks , Hydraulic cylinders & Winches

Terrier - Beam clamp - Plate clamp - Spreader bars - Chain blocks– Elephant trolley - Elephant ratchet chain block - Elephant pulling machine - Rack and pinion jacks Manual winches - Wall winch .

Electric & Pneumatic blocks & winches JIB cranes

Abus - Hitachi – TNC Pneumatic hoist –EMC - Warn electric DC Winches - Lifting and seal bags & lifting magnet and load cell .

Offshore Mooring & Anchor chains

Offshore mooring chains – Anchor chains –Lifting chain - Stud link chain - Chain fitting - Stud link anchor chain - Mooring buoy chains - Yacht chains - Marine anchors - Sand anchors - Oil rig chains– sinkers–hooks , Screws and fittings , Kenter shackle, Swivel shackle, Anchor shackle, Anchor shot etc.
The products Approved by the world major marine classification societies (LR, ABS, GL-DNV, BV, KR , RINA, CCS).

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