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Navigation Aids

Maritime group Co. Offers a comprehensive range of Marine signaling systems, including power supplies and structures. Our remote monitoring and control is based on open industrial standards which will also ensure easy future integration with other components

Self Contained Lantern

Carmanah Sabik offers self-contained marine lanterns light the way on the waters around the globe in all IALA colours Deployed by numerous marine authorities, including the US and Canadian Coast guards, Carmanah solar marine lanterns boast rugged reliability and field-proven performance. Solar LED marine lanterns offer up to five years of maintenance free performance, reducing the total cost of ownership and resulting in significant cost savings .

Self Contained Lantern Models
M550                    M850                    M860                    ENHANCED! M650                    M701-5                M702-5                M704-5                M708
SC 155 I/II           SC LS-100


Wired/Cabled Lanterns LED signals for all applications Today LED technology is the preferred solution for all signal lights in the marine aids to navigation industry. Our product offering includes a variety of short- and long-range beacons, rugged sector lights. All solutions come with a wide variety of customizable features and a selection of intelligent monitoring and control options till 12 nautical miles range Marine lanterns Models :
LED 100                  VP LED
LED 155                  LED 350
LED 350 HIW         LED 350 ODSL

Range light

offers a selection of short, medium and long range directional lights ideal for use as port entry or lock traffic signals, or other applications where a nighttime or daytime visible range light is required. Our range lights are designed for durability in harsh marine environments and come with a selection of programming and control options
SC LS 100                   LO 200H                    SL 100                    LO 200

Monitoring and Control

Sabik technologies make it possible to integrate reliable remote monitoring and control even on minor aids to navigation. Real-time information about the state of operation of Aids to Navigation increases safety and enables a more efficient planning of maintenance resources.Our product line for remote monitoring and control is called lightguard. It can be supplied integrated in Sabik lights or be installed on existing Aids to Navigation

Remote Monitoring and Control of Aids to Navigation

Remote monitoring of major lights, fixed Beacons and range lights

The AIS unit for floating or fixed Aids to Navigation

Lightguard Basestation for Remote Monitoring & Control

Offshore Oil and Gas

In addition to the standard marine product portfolio Sabik has developed complete solutions for permanent marking of Offshore Windmill Farms, Offshore Oil and Gas Structures and Aquaculture Farms with improved energy efficiency, low maintenance cost and better reliability
Offshore lantern
LED 155 EX       LED 350 EX       LDR 155
Fog Signal
SFH 1 EX       SFH 6 EX       SFD 7100EX

Flood & Structure Lighting

FL 100 H Offshore Floodlight

LO 200 HW FSL Tower Illumination Light

T 1000 LED Light Tube

Outdoor Solar Lighting

Carmanah is a leading manufacturer of solar LED lighting systems engineered for outdoor off-grid lighting applications. Carmanah evergen solar LED lighting systems deliver specifier-grade performance and feature advanced occupancy sensing technology, making them ideal for:

• Street Lighting
• Sign Lighting
• Perimeter & Security Lighting
• Pathway Lighting
• Parking Lot Lighting
• Park Lighting
• General Area Lighting

Navigation Aids

We offer Huge range of Reisnex a specialized manufacturer of floating equipment for the offshore industry, Resinex buoys are easy to installed are projected to reduce maintenance to a minimum ,They can also be fitted with electronic Gps tracking systems so as to keep an eye on position and correct functioning of power supply and signaling performance The mooring system utilized by the Resinex signaling buoys varies according to the depth and type of sea bed as well as the different marine meteorological conditions it has to face in Shallow water ,open sea and medium depth Resinex buoys installed and working in many ports in Egypt with a great success also have a great success around the world.
Also we offer buoys and beacons Accessories as: Lanterns, solar panels, batteries, radar Reflector , Mooring chains and shackles

Complete range of Resinex elastic beacons From 2 to 500 meter depth for every need The elastic beacon is a semi-rigid structure with a metallic pole of variable length, fixed to the bottom by a concrete weight ,The pole is kept vertical by a very big submerged float which can have various shapes, according to the different sea conditions. A tower is only visible above water level which can be equipped with a platform and whose height above sea-level gives it excellent day-time visibility even at great dis­tances. These characteristics make it an ideal support to mount lights, radar equipment, acoustic signaling instruments, systems for the monitoring and checking of the water.

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